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Flights to and from our homeAeroplane

The nearest airport to our home is East Midlands, followed by Birmingham (which is about 1 hour away). We offer free transfers between either of these airports and our home

Ryanair offers flights from Bergamo to East Midlands Airport but doesn’t accept unaccompanied passengers under the age of 16.

FLYBE offers direct daily flights from Malpensa to Birmingham and accepts unaccompanied passengers aged 14+.

It is possible to fly from Caselle (Torino) or Milan to Birmingham with one stop by e.g. Lufthansa (via Frankfurt or Munich), Air France (via Paris), KLM (via Amsterdam) or Brussels Air (via Brussels).  There are several flights a day and prices are quite competitive. They can be booked most cheaply through a site like Kayak or Skyscanner. Most airlines accept unaccompanied minors aged 14 and over, but you should check.

Information from the Italian police regarding minors

The procedures have to be followed carefully (see this article). This site provides important information from the Italian Polizia about passports and travel for minors:

Unaccompanied minors who are Italian passport holders and aged 13 or less on the day they fly must have a “dichiarazione di accompagnamento” from the local police station. They must be accompanied on the flight by someone who is aged 18 or over.

Children aged 13 or less

In the past, in several groups, parents have clubbed together and agreed to pay for one or two adults to travel with the children. In this case all the flights should be booked at the same time. The adult sometimes takes the next flight back, which is usually possible on the same day using the flights mentioned earlier involving a stop-off. Alternatively it is possible to have a holiday in England: there is a good rail service to London and with a hire car you can easily get to historic towns and cities like Warwick, Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford and Bath.

Several of the companies that offer flights with one stop also offer an unaccompanied minors’ service, including Lufthansa, Air France, HOP, KLM and Brussels Air. They arrange for airport staff to accompany the children at the stop-off airport between flights. Both parts of the flight have to be with the same airline.

Children aged 14 plus

A parent has told us that her son aged 16 was stopped by airport staff in England and asked questions. She kindly sent us a form she designed to deal with this, which we have modified slightly following a telephone call to Alitalia. We advise you to make sure each child has this completed form during the flight. In any event we will also send you a copy of Tony’s passport details, to take on the flight.

For the return journey, if there are unaccompanied minors aged under 16, as a precaution against flight cancellation we stay in the departure airport until the plane has taken off.