English full immersion James, Tony and Ornella Sicco Warren

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Study English at our home in England

Impara l’Inglese a casa di James, Tony e Ornella Sicco Warren

A typical timetable

You will be with a member of the family most of the day, speaking and listening to English. The classes will be based on your needs and will pay particular attention to enriching your vocabulary and developing your ability to communicate. For middle and high school students we will organise each group according to age and the class attended. For such a class a typical day would be:

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These study hours are indicative and may be altered slightly depending on the concentration ability and age of the students. On days we go on longer trips (e.g. Nottingham or the activity park) study hours will be reduced.

Ore 08:00


Ore 08:45

Lessons (break included)

Ore 12:45

Lunch and conversation with the family

Ore 14:00

Excursion with a member of the family

Ore 18:00

Lesson (activity and conversation)  

Ore 19:30

Dinner and conversation with the family

Ore 20:30

Watching a film in English, homework or chill-out